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Leo Media Inc. is a multi-media productions company founded in 1999 from Long Island, New York. We formed from the desire to work with the indie music industry clientele. From music production to video production to web design to photo galleries we are the hub for all things media. 

This website site is currently undergoing some changes. Please note, our photo gallery will be coming on line soon so please continue to check back with us from time to time.

If you have any business inquiries email us at leoliz@optonline.net 

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Category: Music

Is your business in need of putting together music or snippets for your upcoming presentation or business event? Are you thinking about putting together a webmercial on YouTube or your website to help market and promote your goods and services?

Leo Media Inc. provides a unique way to quickly and effectively communicate your message to the masses using music to evoke that emotion in your audience that will get them to connect and stay. 

We began producing music in 1999 under the indie label "Two Right Hands Production" where nothing is left to go wrong. We worked with many musicians and up and coming artist recording demos and music CDs for distribution. We helped with distribution, promotion and marketing of the materials and young artist. From Jazz to pop to rap we did it all, excluding none. Let us help you market your services and goods thru the use of music for your next affair or to add to your existing video for appeal.

Leo Media Inc featuring the Homes of Peter Curto Senior


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